Does The Success Of HR Executives Depend On Their Personalities?

Are you a Managing Director or a CEO and you are looking for the best HR with the best personalities that will eventually see your business to the top , you need business consultant Adelaide? Or are you wondering whether the personalities of HR executives make them the best? Well, I am going to take you through some detailed arguments that will help you determine whether the personalities of HR executives make them the best or not.

Some psychologists have it that if the HR personalities are the ones which make them the best, then this should see the companies they are working for at their top. They should also be able to come up with ideas that will make the company successful in a healthy manner. Although other psychologists give retaliating solutions that are against this statement, it is equally true to some extent that the HR personalities may influence the company’s performance. Others argue that HR executives with a longer career experience perform better than those with less working experience. The reason behind this is because; those with longer working experience have come across many challenges and have come up with solutions that can help them tackle the challenges whenever they come across them for the second time. The various personality assessment tests carried out by various HR consulting firms confirms that it is true; the HR executive’s career experience is very influential to their work performance. 

Other finding that has been confirmed by many psychologists and other relevant firms concerned with HR assessments, is that; HR vice presidents are more innovative, less rules-driven, have a stronger sense of urgency, less-cautious and more assertive. The reasons behind this is because they would want to show that if given a better chance or a higher rank as the chief HR, then they can do more than how they are performing. It’s all a psychological game where they play with the CEOs mind and try to convince them that they deserve a promotion to be chief HR executives and not their current positions as HR vice president. As much as this might look as a psychological game to bring in the CEOs in their camp, it should also be got clear that HR vice presidents have equal personality trait as their seniors.

The only problem with them is that they sometimes feel inferior and that they are looked down upon as compared to their seniors. Therefore, this makes them to get the urge to want their employers like them and try as much as possible to please them. They just want someone to appreciate their well done work and tell them some ‘thank-you’. At least this motivates them and makes them improve on their performance. In fact, many CEOs fire their chief HRs only to reassign the post the HR vice president. This also helps improve the loyalty and trust between the HR and their CEOs. Some psychologists have it that this is where the HR’s strength lies. Therefore, it is important to note that the HR’s personality traits are essential to the company’s development and general productivity performance. However, it is evident that; if the HR executive’s traits are meant to please their bosses or employers, then it means a real danger to the company once they get what they want. They might tend to be driven away from concentrating on the company’s strategic plans for its development. If you want to know if the HR is just doing things to please you as their boss, then you will hear them sometimes retaliating from other members of the board when they are giving out their fair positions towards a certain challenge. They will disagree with them even if they are telling the truth just to please you.